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Love spells to do at home

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Love consists of all the emotions and all the feeling that combines the sole of couple that makes them to merge in between each other love can never be explain in words but can be feel only because love is not a thing to do it is divine thing that has been granted by god to us to just only be happen with an individual. But it becomes difficult for everyone to express its feeling to his love or they want someone to love you even if he not love you or like you but you want him/her to love you back if you love him then the last thing that remain is love spell I will try to provide you love spells to do at home. These would be voodoo love spell to do at home or black magic love spells to do at home. The main thing for which our astrologer had maintained special attention that these should be easy love spells to do at home.

Voodoo love spells to do at home or love spells to do at home or easy spell to do at home

  1. Cast the love spell to do at home during a waxing moon, preferably on Friday. Friday is dedicated to Venus, the Goddess of love, and the waxing moon favors attraction. In addition, the gods of love are called during the ritual: Venus, Erzulie, Maria Magdalena, Shiva…. You can further support the spell by scattering orange flowers or honey on the altar, which in many cultures represent the wedding. Other tools can be designed and incorporated into the ritual using your imagination: tarot card for Love, Rune Partnership, red or green candle, sandal wood etc.2.Mold two puppets out of clay or sew them from white cloth- one of yourself and one of the loved one. Equip them with the characteristic features of the gender and fill them with some hair or fingernails when possible. More energy you dedicate to this, stronger it will be.
  2. Tie the puppets carefully (with loving care) together with a piece of rope or even better with a red or green sideband (choose the color which represents for you the love). This symbolizes unification of two people, or, the sexual act. Then, visualize strongly your relationship based on love and harmony. This one is the easy spell to do at home and especially best known as voodoo spell to do at home.

Black magic spell to do at home or easy spell to do at home or easy spell to do at home

Love spells to do at home using photographs are one among the most effective of love spells. This does not require any specific knowledge and can be performed by anybody. You require a recent photograph of the target as a pre requisite.

  • Take the following ingredients:
  • A recent photograph of the target
  • Red thread
  • A coin
  • A red cloth piece

Place the coin onto the photograph and wrap it in the cloth and tie the red thread around it. Put it at a place inaccessible to anybody. While winding the thread around the cloth think of your love and say the following:

“My love please come to me we have one soul that combine us for love”

With imagining your love picture in your mind. This one is best black magic spell to do at home and also one of the easy spell to do at home.

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