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Free Breakup Spells

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Free Breakup Spells: When two people get involved in love and romance. There will be a close bond formed between them. Moreover, the connection between you and your partner is unbreakable. Meanwhile, in the relationship. If any of you want a break. Then you may take the help of FREE BREAKUP SPELLS. Spells provide to you by the peaceful breakup spells contain only white magic. Therefore, there is no need for your worry. That your partner may get harm because of this.


BREAKUP SPELLS have wide range of uses. Moreover, if you are those who are particular about using spell casting for good purposes. You can use them  in order to get rid of any inconveniences in your love life. Moreover, if you feel your partner is involved with someone else in the relationship. Start casting these spells.

By using FREE BREAKUP SPELLS you may able to strengthen the relationship. And you will begin to change the way that your partner within it and outside it. these spells will make them less desiring. If you want to break boyfriend marriage or to stop your girlfriend marriage then you can use this breakup spells. this spell really works to break the desired person’s marriage. However, the other person whom they cheat begins to lose interest as well.


  •  Lemon breakup spell:  Firstly, write the names of the two people that you want to break up on a small piece of paper. Then cut the names apart, put a little amount of vinegar on each piece of paper. Meanwhile, cut a lemon neatly in half. Here’s the important part! With the names of the couple facing each other, put the papers together with black dog hair, black cat hair, and some pepper in between. Put this little paper sandwich in between the lemon halves.

This is meant to sour the relationship, heat up their emotions, make the two people fight like cats and dogs, and eventually break them up. To seal your spell, put the lemon halves back together with black wax. Drive a rusty nail through the halves or tie them together with black thread for good measure.

  • Harmless break up spells: 

This spell will still make a couple break up, but without any ill side effects. There will be no petty arguments. This spell will work quite well for you if you do not wish to inflict any damage upon people.

First, light a black candle and clear your mind. Stare into the flame, take deep breaths, and prepare yourself to perform magic. Write the names of the couple you wish to separate on a piece of paper. Put 3 drops of garlic oil onto each name. Then, add one teaspoon of cayenne paper and one teaspoon of salt on top. Take the black candle into your right hand. Close your eyes. Open your mind and heart to the universe so that it may hear your wishes. Focus your energy on sending out your message.

Moreover, as you create this mixture, continue to focus on your desire for the couple to break up. Once the paper and the mixture is completely covered in wax, blow out the candle. Then immediately chant, “So transfer my will”. To complete your spell, light what is left of the black candle on the night of the next full moon and allow the candle to completely melt itself down.

  • Black magic break up spells:

This section comprises the most serious and effective break up spells. As they utilize black magic, they are quite powerful. Tread with caution and cast these spells at your own risk.

  • Bottle break up spells:

In this break up spell each one requires you to collect nine nails,  pins, and needles, as well as a large bottle and the hairs of the couple you wish to break up. firstly, take two pieces of paper. On each piece, write the name of one person in the couple nine times. Wrap the paper with the names around the corresponding hair from the person. You don’t have to be too neat about this. Just make sure the hair is inside the paper. Next, put the papers inside your bottle, along with nine pins, needles, and nails.

These are meant to cause pain and general prickly feelings between the couple. Lastly, fill the bottle with vinegar and seal it to sour their relationship.

Basic break up spell:

This break up spell is quite simple. If you can’t get your hands on other ingredients such as hair, this one is highly recommendable to you. It needs only four ingredients, plus a bottle, to break up a couple. Simply place some red and black pepper into a bottle, to bring unwelcome fire into the relationship.

Secondly, throw in some dirt, to spoil the couple’s romance. For the last step, fill the bottle with vinegar to sour their feelings for each other. The trickiest part is placing the bottle under the couple’s doorstep. So that they may step over it. If you can accomplish this. It is said that they will be contemplating breaking up within two weeks.

Easy break up spells:

If you don’t have time for long, complex spells and want to see results immediately, the following spells are for you. They’re quite short and require a small number of ingredients to be successful.


FREE BREAKUP SPELLS USING THE PICTURES is one of the fastest methods. If you want to end up your relationship.

Materials require for casting the spell: photo of the person from whom you want to get separate, a white candle and a matchbox.

Method of casting spell: choose a place where no one can visit until you complete your work. Sit alone and calmly. Take a candle and light it up. thereafter take the image of the target person. And burn it from one corner of the photo. Then start chant these words:


Chant these words until the image turns into the ashes. And let the ashes spread in the air. This spell can result within 11 days. When you chant these words cautiously.


The best way to cast the break up spell is by removing the presence of negative energy. However, it is not possible that cast spells successfully act in all situations or circumstances.

Therefore, if are not well known. That how to cast a spell. Please perform it with the help of professionals.


If you want to get more details regarding the breakup spells for free. Please contact us.

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