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Witchcraft spell


Magic spells spring from the observation and concern of a likely impossibility. Earth is beautiful and full of power and potential. Yet individual existence often is harsh, miserable and limited. There is no guarantee that the kind forces of the universe will meet or coincide with your needs and desires. Life is not fair.

Knowledge of magic, however, is unrestricted – all you have to do is acquire it. Magic encourages and rewards creativity, curiosity, and persistence. To wield magic power, you must possess desire and awareness, as well as knowledge, wisdom, and will. Magic is not for the passive – it is employed by those who are unwilling to submit meekly to their destiny or fate. Magic recognizes that the Earth is full of gifts, that anyone can access Earth’s energy and that there is enough for everyone.

In fact, magic power is constantly being generated, and the energy that each individual produces effects and may be drawn upon by others. For this purpose, witchcraft spell is the best option through which you would be able to complete your desire as this witchcraft spell to take revenge also helps a lot which is one of the desires of human but how to put a witchcraft spell on someone?

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Witchcraft spell candles and witchcraft spell casting.

ToolsThree candles – one white (representative here of positive energy), one black (representative of negative energy) and one green (representative of healing). Matches. Herbs (optional).

Technique: Sit comfortably and place the candles before you. Clear your mind and light the white candle which you can say witchcraft spell candles. However, you need to say the following:

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit,
I ask thee to cleanse my body of
all negative energies. Light the black candle and repeat the incantation. Light the green candle and say:

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit,
I ask thee to free and heal my body from all negative forces. Blessed Be!

Sit without interruption and keep your mind still for 15 minutes, after which you should feel renewed and fresh.

NotesThis witchcraft spell casting is most effective when performed. During the waxing of the Moon when the Moon is shining brightly. Practice this spell while in a positive mood, as this will achieve the best end.

If you would like to set some herbs around the candles for additional effect, bay leaves are believed to possess a great deal of positive energy. Besides, use five bay leaves: Place them so that one leaf is on each side of each candle (that’s four) and the fifth is in the front and center.

How to put a witchcraft spell on someone and how to cast a witchcraft spell and how to cast witchcraft spells for revenge?

you can easily cast a witchcraft spell Traditionally, witch bottles filled with rusty nails, sour red wine (or even urine) and sprigs of rosemary were buried under the doorstep of a house as an age-old method of keeping away spite.

Here’s a contemporary update on this practice that is the best to put witchcraft spell on someone.

Tools: A dark bottle with a cork, sour milk, old red wine
and dried rosemary


Into the bottle pour the sour milk, wine, and dried rosemary. As you do so, say:

Viciousness and venom,
malevolence and malice,
feelings turned sour,
envy and spiked tongues,

Close the bottle with the cork and shake it over your sink. As you do so, say:

Curdle and coil,
serpents of spite,
hiss and miss me,
spit where you will
do no harm.

As well as, Uncork the bottle and run it under the cold tap. Moreover, until the mixture has flowed away. And the bottle and sink are clean. As you do so, envision all of the harmful words and the negativity associated with them, swirling down the drain.

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the bottle, give it a good swirl, pour some into the sink drain and rinse the bottle again. As you do so, say:

Anger cease,
go in peace.

Notes: Observe that you have neither attacked anyone nor returned the spite. You will probably find that you are able to take revenge from your enemy and that would be possible only by witchcraft spells for revenge. If you are suffering from an emotional vampire who drains you emotionally, add powdered garlic to the mix.

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